Be advised of windfall Elimination Provision

Published 8:28 am Tuesday, October 15, 2019

This letter is mainly intended for Lawrence County employees, state and federal workers, and those employed under OPERS or State Teachers Retirement.

All the above mentioned people will fall under the Windfall Elimination Provision when they retire. The WEP says that if you worked for the county, any state agency, school system or the federal government, your Social Security will be reduced by as much as 60 percent when you go to retire.

Only state, county (OPERS) and federal workers and those working under the state teachers retirement program are penalized this way. Please read and become familiar with how WEP will affect you.

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Currently, U.S. Rep. Richard Neal, D-MA, has introduced H.R. 4540, which, if passed, will help ease the burden on those individuals who turn 62 before 2022.

I challenge you to contact your congressman and ask that he support H.R. 4540. For those in the district of U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, his number is 202-225-5705.

More than likely, you will be asked what this is in reference to. Tell the congressman’s aide that you are requesting that he review and support H.R. 4540. If you must leave a message, request a call back.

Personally, I have spoken with the congressman’s staff and, in the past, Johnson has not been in support of any legislation that would ease or offer relief to workers affected by the WEP.

Please, if you worked for any of the above mentioned agencies, be aware your Social Security is in jeopardy.

Act today, research the Windfall Elimination Provision and how it will affect you in your retirement, then contact your congressman.

Justin Jackson