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Commission proposes new bridge: Meeting on connecting Proctorville, Huntington

The KYOVA Interstate Planning Commission, will have an open house public meeting at the KYOVA offices to present information and solicit public comments for a new bridge crossing of the Ohio River, to connect Proctorville with West Virginia Route 2.

The purposes of the proposed crossing include improving cross-river mobility in the region and supporting completion of the Huntington Outerbelt. The study area focuses on three corridors connecting Ohio State Route 7 and West Virginia State Route 2. The corridors are located north of Proctorville and in West Virginia where Nine Mile Road, Big Seven Mile Road and Big Ben Bowen Highway meet with West Virginia State Route 2.

An open house public meeting will be held 4–7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 20, from 4-7 pm in the KYOVA offices at 400 Third Ave., Huntington, West Virginia.

The meeting format includes a brief project overview presentation at 6 p.m. Throughout the public meeting, exhibits illustrating the alternatives under consideration will be displayed and representatives from the KYOVA study team will be available to provide information and address questions. You are welcome to attend at your leisure any time during open house hours to review the exhibits, ask questions, and provide comments.

Currently, the study is assessing existing and future traffic operations, barriers to mobility (including bicycle and pedestrian), and regional socio-economics.

The results of the assessment and public meeting will help determine the risks and benefits of a new Ohio River bridge crossing. The goal of the study is to identify whether a new Ohio River Bridge crossing is needed and, if so, recommend the preferred corridor.

KYOVA deputy executive director Saleem A. Salameh supports this study, explaining,

“We wish to strengthen the communities in our region, by providing a transportation network that will promote mobility and economic vitality,” he said.

To ensure the proposed project is viable and successful, KYOVA is seeking comments from the public about the social, environmental, and economic needs of the region and concerns regarding the proposed corridors. Potential environmental impacts could involve archaeological, architectural, and ecological resources, hazardous materials and the general location of the project.

KYOVA asks that comments, questions, and concerns be submitted no later than Dec. 20 to be considered during project development.

Additional information and supporting documentation are posted on the KYOVA website at: https://ohioriverbridgecrossing.com/.