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Clean up after yourself

While a software glitch Tuesday night brought no numbers, hopefully, by the time you read this, election results will be counted.

The end of the campaign will most likely be not a moment too soon for most voters, as well those who were on the ballot.

But, before new officeholders are sworn in and incumbents return for another term, we would like to remind everyone who ran of one last thing they need to do: Take down your signs.

While there is no harm in getting one’s message out, whether through door knocking, commercials or the posting of signs, campaigns need to take responsibility and either go out themselves, or have someone do the job of removing any signs that are posted along the roads or at intersections.

Next year looks to be a very busy elections season, in both the primary and general elections, so, in the meantime, do the county a favor and give it a few months free of roadside ads.