National Park Service to help plan trail in Tri-State: Ohio Recreational Trail will start in Portsmouth

Published 8:17 am Friday, December 20, 2019

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The National Park Service will provide consultants to help create eight local parks and other recreation and conservation areas in Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Kentucky and Florida.

Park Service landscape architects and community planners work with local communities to help plan parks, trails, greenways and other open spaces, said Deirdre Hewitt, program manager for the park service’s Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program.

Kentucky has two projects accepted for the program. Park service experts will help planners working to create an Ohio River Recreation Trail, starting with the 274-mile stretch from Portsmouth to West Point, Kentucky. Others will work with the West Point Revitalization Committee in creating a trail along the path that naturalist John Muir took through Kentucky during his walk to the Gulf of Mexico.

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