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Library invites residents to try streaming

Lawrence County residents who want to try streaming movies or music, but do not have a credit card or library card, are invited to try Briggs Lawrence County Public Library’s digital service, Hoopla, starting Jan. 1.

Through the program called HooplaEngage, any county resident who creates a Hoopla account naming Briggs Library as its local library, can borrow up to three items. All they need to sign up is an email address.  During the trial, they will not need a library card number to use the account.

After trying Hoopla, all someone needs to continue borrowing free digital items is to apply for and receive a Briggs Library card. Anyone who tries Hoopla and gets a card in January will be put in a drawing for prizes including an Amazon Fire Stick.

To get started with Hoopla, visit the library’s web site at www.briggslibrary.com and click Hoopla, or search Hoopla from the app store of your favorite device.

In May 2018, the library introduced, a program that allows Briggs Library patrons to use their library account to electronically borrow audio books, ebooks, movies, TV episodes, comics, graphic novels and music albums. Currently, library members can borrow up to eight titles a month using a home computer or the downloadable Hoopla app.

“Users enjoy access to over 300,000 titles. After creating an account, simply find a title, click “Borrow,” and watch, read or listen wherever you are. When the lending period expires titles are automatically removed from your device’s library, meaning there are no late fees for using this service,” Joe Jenkins, Briggs Library executive director, said. “An account can be integrated with a variety of platforms. For instance, you can borrow a movie on your computer, begin watching on your tablet or smartphone, and finish it later on a TV using a Roku or Fire Stick — anywhere there’s an Internet connection.”

Unlike other streaming audio and video services, patrons do not pay a monthly subscription fee. The app is designed for users of all ages and skill levels, and is as easy to navigate as the library shelves.

Hoopla was designed and published by Midwest Tape, LLC. Midwest Tape has been  a leader in library media service for over 25 years.

Please visit the library’s website at www.briggslibrary.com or contact a local Briggs Library branch for details.