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Published 8:03 am Thursday, January 23, 2020

Readers weighed in on The Ironton Tribune’s Facebook over the news this week that the Lawrence County Commission declared the county a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.” Here is a sampling of comments received:

• • •

“Thank you so much Lawrence County Commissioners and Sheriff Jeff Lawless for making this Very Bold statement about protecting the citizens 2nd Amendment Rights !!!!! The best laws aren’t written on paper but on the hearts of men from those they trust. You have won the people’s trust by the proclamation you’ve made to protect these”

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— Randy Harper

• • •

“Which means nothing at all. Too bad they cannot find a better use of their time. No one anywhere is trying to take anyone’s guns. This is a hyped up political stunt … too bad educated folks fell for it. In the meantime in the real world … Ironton looks like a ghost town and kids across the county are going to bed hungry at night.”

— John Lester

• • •

“Next? Economy? Drug problem? Foster needs? County road deterioration? Lack of presence of sheriff’s department outside of Ironton? On and on and on.”

— CeCe Dalton

• • •

“Every jurisdiction within the borders of the United States of America is a sanctuary of the 2nd Amendment of the USA Constitution.”

— Ray Brickey

• • •

“Fantastic job commissioners!!!!”

— Michael Hairston

• • •

“A non binding resolution with no basis in law. Elected officials wasting their time and your money to create, discuss, write, vote on and approve a “law” that’s not enforceable. If you did something similar at “your job”, you would prolly get written up for wasting time.”

— Rick Blair

• • •

“(…) Those that stood behind this resolution to see it come to fruition, are more than a bunch of deer hunters, Larry County rednecks. These are people who do not want to see the constitutional rights infringed upon. If one can be taken, then before long it will be another, then another until we do not have any constitutional rights.”

— Amy Chaffin