First Future of Workforce Summit held

Published 6:13 am Saturday, February 1, 2020

Leaders from education, business and industry, recovery and health and human services gathered Friday to discuss experiences, struggles and available resources at the inaugural Future of Workforce Summit at Ohio University Southern on Friday.

The purpose of this event was to better understand how educators and workforce trainers can meet the workforce needs of local companies and organizations.

“All of us are keenly aware of the challenges facing our Tri-State region,” OUS dean Nicole Pennington said in her welcome to attendees. While we have been stressed as a community over and over again, we are a resilient community.”

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Director of the Governor’s Office of Appalachia, John Carey, who was appointed by Gov. Mike Dewine, was present to offer information on various grants and opportunities available to the area.

“This region is one of the leading examples of how to respond to economic hardship and use entrepreneurship,” he said. “This area is uniquely qualified to take advantage of the opportunities available.”

The mission of his office is to coordinate economic and community development and partnership endeavors to improve the lives of those living in the region.

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