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Fairland West hosts science fair

ROME TOWNSHIP — Fairland West Elementary hosted their annual science fair on Friday.

The event had 120 students competing for awards, with trophies handed out to 25 students for outstanding projects.

The projects were judged by retired teachers and professionals from the region’s business and industry, as well as instructors from Marshall University and St. Mary’s School of Nursing.

Parents, family and friends of students attended an award ceremony, with the following students honored: Mitchell Dunlap, Worm Composters;  Conner Goff, Insulation from Heat;  Erica Zhang, Acids & Bases;  Lillian Boster, Music Affects Heart Rate;  Abby Mitchell, Density of Liquids;  Braden McNeil, Strength of a Toothpick Bridge;  Kaden Wiseman, Measuring Lung Capacity;  Ryan Jenkins, Insulation of Cold Items;  Kayleigh Lucas, Bernoulli’s Principal;  Wyatt Ritchey, How to Extract DNA;  Hannah Walters, World of Color;  Braxton Elliott, Energy Content of Sweeteners;  London Coffey, Food Chromatography;  Billy Singer, Jr., Composters in Soil;  Joshua Gillespie, Comparing the Life of Batteries;  Madilyn Eplion, Creating Colors;  Aubrey Hager, Acids & Bases;  Garrett Gibson, Animal Camouflage;  Maddison Short, Static Electricity; A. J. Brammer, Left or Right Dominant;  Gavin Kuhn, Balance; Kyle Salyer, Preservatives for Fruit;  Mason Ballard, The Effects of Acid Rain on Water;  Allie Thomas, Cleaning Polluted Water;  and Georgia Stephenson, Layered Density Column.