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Views from social media – 2/6/2020

Readers weighed on on the Ironton Tribune’s Facebook page this week about the South Point Board of Education’s decision not return the principal of the middle school back to work, following the release of viral audio clips.

Here is a sampling of the comments we received:

“I guess she didn’t win this time!”

— Tyler Collins

“So glad this principal got watch she deserved. You do not talk to our children like that! No No No!! I was livid myself and my child goes to Ashland! Now to fire the teacher!!Great job SP Board of Ed!! Kudos to the parents and children that took a stand.”

— Angie Odell

“I honestly think a lot of it starts at home parents don’t teach there kids right or wrong or they don’t discipline them they send them out to the public where everyone else has to deal with them”

— Sherri Elliott

“All I know is that if my child ever talked to an educator during class like this child did in the audio, and kept trying to argue and rile the teacher up, I’d expect and want the adult to give them a reality check and let them know it’s not okay and this behavior won’t be tolerated.”

— Rebecca Smith

“Don’t know anyone there !

But KUDOS to the student brave enough to record this and bring this pitiful situation to light!!!!! If you see something…….say something.”

— Brenda Moore Spears