All must stay engaged

Published 9:10 am Friday, February 7, 2020

On Monday, the South Point Board of Education voted to not return the middle school’s principal to work, following the posting of viral audio recordings which had sparked controversy.

As board members had told residents at the previous week’s meeting, there was a process that had to be adhered to in personnel matters and that those with concerns should trust officials to follow it.

And, when the matter was decided, it appeared the board shared the concerns of the public and did not downplay the issue, as many in the crowd said they feared would happen.

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The situation at the middle school was a difficult one and the board members did not have an easy task in taking action. We are thankful they kept the public advised of the process.

Many members of the community raised larger issues of bullying in the schools. We commend them for doing so and hope the conversation continues.

Going forward, we encourage all parents to stay engaged in their children’s education, attend board meetings and work with officials and faculty to ensure the best possible environment for children.