Lawsuits – 3/5/2020

Published 8:20 am Thursday, March 5, 2020

• Mariner Finance, LLC vs. Colton Hardy, in the sum of $2,306.07 at 24.99 percent

• US Bank National Assoc. vs. Albert Donald King, III, foreclosure

• Nationstar Mortgage, LLC vs. Ryan H Fletcher, foreclosure

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• PHH Mortgage Corporation vs. William Dale Adkins, foreclosure

• TD Auto Finance LLC vs. Alexus Wenzel, in the sum of $3,481.18 at 4.89 percent

• One Main Financial Group, LLC vs. James R Malone, in the sum of $19,637.64

• Amanda Lousie Clark vs. Blaze D Darby, in sum of $25,000

• Tax Ease Oh II LLC vs. Loretta Mae Sanders, foreclosure

• Eagle Loan Company of Ohio Inc vs. Lori S Smith, in the sum of $3,081.40 at 25 percent.

• Jeffery Carpenter vs. Jacqueline Carpenter, complaint for custody

• Jennifer Newcomb vs. Randall Stapleton, in the sum of $25,000

• Dustin Jenkins vs. Candy M. Long, domestic violence

• Carolyn D Riffe vs. Wayland G.D. Riffe, domestic violence

• Portfolio Recovery Assoc. LLC vs. Brent Houck, in the sum of $928.03

• Portfolio Recovery Assoc. LLC vs. Danny Johnson, in the sum of $1,270.38

• PHH Mortgage Corporation vs. Phyllis P Pernestti, foreclosure