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Letter to the editor: GOP’s selection creates unfair advantage in House race

As we near the upcoming 2020 primary election, we will be asked to choose between two Republican candidates competing for the 93rd District of the Ohio House of Representatives.

As voters, we should try to determine and select the candidate that exhibits the commitment to complete the term we elect them for.

The past two representatives, which were elected by the voters of the 93rd District, have vacated their seats to better themselves prior to completing their terms.

This left the vacant seats open to be filled by the Ohio House leadership, who geographically reside in a different part of the state with limited knowledge of what the voters of the 93rd District want or expect from their representative.

Once the selection is made, the person becomes the incumbent and typically gains the endorsement and financial backing of the powerful House leadership and state level political party.

I especially view those endorsements as an unfair advantage to those same party candidates who wish to participate in primary elections.

Rich Houck