Lake Vesuvius campgrounds closed until Memorial Day: Water line break cuts off supply to four camping sites

Published 7:53 am Friday, March 13, 2020

PEDRO – Due to a water line break, the campgrounds at the Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area will be closed until Thursday, May 21, to repair a water line break. They are expected to reopen in time for Memorial Day weekend on Friday, May 22.

“The campground closures are intended to protect public health and safety,” said Ironton District Ranger Tim Slone. “We regret any inconvenience to visitors while working to repair these water line leaks.”

The water line services the Oak Hill, Iron Ridge and Pine Knob Campgrounds and Two Points Group Campground. The four campgrounds are all part of the Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area, on the Ironton Ranger District of the Wayne National Forest.

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The water was shut off in September of 2019 due to a leak that could not be repaired immediately. Contract repairs are not anticipated to be completed for several months.

The current water line repair is a short-term solution needed to reopen the campgrounds this summer.

The Wayne National Forest is working toward a long-term solution for a complete water line replacement. This may cause additional closures, which will be scheduled to minimize impacts to visitors as much as possible. The public will be notified of any future emergency repairs and closures, as well as long-term plans for a complete water line replacement.

All Lake Vesuvius campground reservations through May 21 have been cancelled and refunded. The campgrounds are expected to reopen for Memorial Day weekend.

However, if repairs cannot be made by then, the public will be notified in advance, and all affected customer reservations will be cancelled and refunded.