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Briggs Library News – 3/28/2020

Whether your social distancing plan includes working from home or sheltering in place, now is a good time to add new job skills. With that in mind, Briggs Lawrence County Public Library has added an additional digital learning service, Knowledge City.

• With just their Briggs Library cards and PIN (for most users, the last 4 digits of the library card number), lifelong learners can study a variety of topics through over 14,000 video courses.  Categories include business, computers, compliance, finance and safety. Both individuals and company training programs can use the courses, taught by college and university professors. Proficiency certification exams follow most courses. Each category includes specialized topics. For instance, the Computer category includes computer basics, MS Office software, using social media for business and computer programming.

• Visit the library’s web site at www.briggslibrary.com and click the Knowledge City button on the right-hand side of the home screen to get started.

• Briggs Library plans to reopen all locations with regular hours on Monday, April 6. Circumstances may alter this plan. Visit the library’s website for future updates.