Columnist appears to suffer from Trump derangement syndrome

Published 1:28 am Tuesday, April 7, 2020

After reading an article recently in The lronton Tribune opinion page, it has prompted me to respond with my opinion.

I am referring to Mr. Jim Crawford’s statements about President Trump receiving all his information about the coronavirus from the Tucker Carlson program on Fox News.

At first reading, I wondered if Mr. Crawford could be suffering from the adverse effects of drugs or alcohol. But further reading convinced me it was neither.

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I realized Mr. Crawford is suffering from a disease liberals by the millions suffer from.

That’s right, Trump derangement syndrome, stage 4.

There is, of course, no cure for this ailment. It, as one can tell by the ranting and raging, causes the most outlandish distortions and outright fabrications imaginable.

He has always been fast and loose with facts and figures so it is incredible that someone with Mr. Crawford’s education could believe this rubbish.

This leads me to believe he is truly suffering from Trump derangement syndrome or he is just a complete liar.

Which one is it, Mr Crawford? It appears to be both.

I am truly glad Mr. Crawford is no longer in a teaching position as he cannot continue to poison young minds.

So, readers of The lronton Tribune opinion page, take with a grain of salt, the ramblings of a stage 4 sufferer, if you read his articles.

C. J. Meadows