Tribune changing printing cycle

Published 6:55 am Friday, April 10, 2020

In response to the economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, as well as the change in recent years as to how its readers consume community news and information, The Ironton Tribune will begin publishing two print editions each week — on Wednesday and Saturday.

While The Ironton Tribune has seen record traffic to its website and new print subscribers, this newspaper, like all other newspapers across the country, has seen severe declines in advertising by local businesses as non-essential businesses are closed and events are canceled.

“No matter the medium or publication cycle, informing our readers continues to be our top priority,” said Sarah Simmons, general manager. “The sharp increase in web traffic on has indicated that more readers are consuming news digitally than ever before. Reducing print frequency enables us to meet our readers where they are and allows our news teams to focus their efforts on providing news online as it occurs.”

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Readers will now be able to pick up a print copy of The Ironton Tribune on Wednesday and Saturday, with increased page numbers in each issue. Print and e-edition subscribers will receive the newspaper in their mailboxes or email inboxes these days.

“Producing two editions each week will allow our staff to create more robust, community-focused newspapers, with all of the content readers have been used to getting in their newspaper, and even more,” Simmons said.

The cost of a subscription to The Ironton Tribune will remain the same. The cost of the newspaper in racks and at news dealer locations will be $1 on Wednesday and $1.50 on Saturday.

“We remain committed to covering all the news surrounding COVID-19 and how we recover as a community from this unprecedented pandemic,” Simmons said. “In these uncertain times, we are as committed as ever to serving you, and sincerely appreciate your trust and support of The Ironton Tribune.”