Letter to the Editor: LCDD services make independence possible

Published 1:00 am Wednesday, April 22, 2020

My name is Erin Lilly. Voting yes for the DD levy is very important for myself and many more individuals like me who depend on the services that LCDD provides.

My SSA, Dorothy Bloebaum, is not just my SSA, she’s a good friend.

She’s helped me out in many ways! I have Cerebral Palsy (CP), mostly in my legs. One of the things Dorothy helped me with was getting a rollator walker so I could move easier.

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Before getting the walker, I would hang on to walls and furniture to help me move. I was also afraid of being in big open spaces for this reason.

Now, I’m not afraid of these spaces as much, because I can move comfortably and freely in them.

Another thing Dorothy helped me with was getting my apartment at Sherman Thompson Towers in Ironton. I had looked at other places in town, but they either had little to no handicap accessibility or the rent was too high for me to have enough money to provide for me and my cat, Silver.

Speaking of money, Dorothy helped me get SSI benefits every month. And she also helped me get a payee to help me manage my money because I love to shop online.

Now, I have money to provide for me and Silver and my rent gets paid by my payee every month so I don’t forget about it on accident. I take great pride in being able to provide for me and Silver on my own dime!

In conclusion, a vote of yes for the DD levy is a vote to help me live on my own and takes a great deal of stress off of my family to help me provide for me and Silver. Please vote yes for the DD levy!

Erin Lilly