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South Point council hosts May meeting via teleconference

SOUTH POINT — The South Point Village Council hosted their regular monthly meeting via teleconference on Tuesday due to restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was an abbreviated session, lasting about 20 minutes, with participation limited to Mayor Jeff Gaskin, council members, village administrator Russ McDonald, a few invited members of the public and the media.

No major business was conducted, though the council voted for a raise for a village employee who had passed his trial period.

McDonald was asked by a participant from the public if the amount of people staying at home had increased water and sewage treatment by the village.

He said it was up about 5 to 8 percent, but nothing beyond their capacity.

Gaskin thanked all who took part in the teleconference.

“I miss you and I miss your smiling faces,” he said.

The mayor said the village would host an in-person meeting in June, but may have to implement social distancing to spread people out to the required amount of space.

The village of Chesapeake hosted a meeting of that nature on Monday, limiting attendance to 10 people at village hall. Council members were spaced six feet apart and the meeting was livestreamed to the public.