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Editorial: Entering the next phase

As of Friday, most parts of Ohio have been allowed to reopen for business.

Tuesday brought the return of many retail businesses throughout the state.

Here in Lawrence County, we received differing responses from business owners as to whether they were ready to reopen this week.

Some said they did not feel comfortable or wanted more time to prepare, while others had a plan in place and were ready to open their doors on the first day.

Every business is unique, whether by layout, interaction with customers or handling of merchandise, and one size does not fit all.

These decisions are a personal choice by entrepreneurs and we urge all to respect them.

Of those who are reopening, all said they would be working to follow health guidelines in Ohio and would be doing things such as limiting capacity, using social distancing plans and having employees wear masks.

If you are ready to go out and resume retail shopping, we would urge that you do your part to be mindful of those shopping around you, as well as the employees serving you.

Do not crowd other shoppers or those working in stores. Try to keep handling items to a minimum. We realize that part of shopping is examining what you are buying, but this can be done in a considerate manner.

And, while masks are not required by the state of Ohio, they are highly recommended. It is a small act that goes a long way and there is nothing rebellious about disregarding these advisories, despite what some political ideologues may say.

As Gov. Mike DeWine and health director Amy Acton have stated, there are risks involved with a reopening, but, hopefully, if everyone uses common sense and works together, those dangers can be kept as low as possible.