Jim Crawford: Will ‘The Trump Show’ get a renewal from Americans?

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 29, 2020

It was a comedy, always designed to entertain, to capture the daily headline, far more than to govern.In early 2017, The Trump Show started its first season.

And it was funny at times, sad sometimes, when its ignorance showed, and sinister, when the star, Donald Trump, displayed his true character.

In those moments, when Trump’s lack of compassion shined, it made viewers change channels.

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But the show had a four-year contract (with a cancellation option for impeachment) and Trump did all he could to avoid governing and to master, instead, entertaining.

At this, he proved to be talented. Surrendering all interest in governing after failing to end Obamacare, Trump quickly realized governing was actual work and his interest waned.

After that first season, he turned to simply Tweeting, much easier than governing and could be done in PJs in bed.

So the American president tweeted his hatred of immigrants all, tweeted his venom at any criticism, tweeted his latent racism, and tweeted his ignorance of all things factual…too much work finding facts, too easy to make stuff up.

During the second and third seasons, it became apparent this actor was killing comedy softly with his divisive rhetoric, vacuous substance, limited language skills, countless lies, and his dark and destructive view of America.

There was a move to exercise the cancellation of his contract for all the reasons above, and for his disdain of the U.S. Constitution. The show was not canceled though and, with season four about to begin, the attempt to sustain the comedy was lost forever.

The Trump Show in 2020 became an 11-episode disaster that has been difficult to watch. Trump ignored the threat of a worldwide pandemic at the cost of so many American lives in a still-continuing stream. He tweeted instead on trivial complaints about how the world is so unfair to him. He tweeted that his critics hated him, that the media hated him, that the facts hated him. He tweeted and we died. He still tweets and we die.

Now Trump campaigns and we die. He ignores the coronavirus because, the longer he served as moderator for COVID-19, the lower his popularity ratings. Worse, the campaign roadshow brings people together where the virus thrives, where his own staff are infected, where he will kill still more Americans.

The Trump coronavirus episodes are now about the most infections of any nation on the planet and the ongoing impact of a pandemic ignored because it does not sell well for Trump.

In the latest episode of the Thump Show, this president is playing the role of the president who hates American protesters, loves brutal cops, hates black people seeking equality and is endeared by the emblems and statues of the Confederate traitors who caused more than 700,000 American deaths.

Most Americans have switched from the Trump Show for more believable venues, but Trump wants another four-year contract and is working hard in his bed and with his phone for the renewal.

Yes, his unlikely renewal, a renewal he seeks to gain by the help of Ukraine, Russia, China and who knows who else other than actual American voters?

He also thinks renewal is mo.re likely if he can keep more voters from voting, so he will work to disenfranchise as many voters who would not vote for him as possible.

Finally, should all else fail, should the Trump Show not be renewed because America is simply too disgusted by Trump, Trump will call the election phony and claim he won when he loses.

It will not work. This cancellation is happening