Skeletons entertain South Point residents

Published 5:50 pm Friday, July 24, 2020

By Kelli Fryer
For The Tribune

If you share the love for ‘80s movies, like many others you, are probably familiar with the 1987 movie “Mannequin.”

What I remember from my younger years was not the storyline, but the everyday, changing window display at the department store. I loved the creativeness and was eager to see the next day’s creations.

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This is what I’m reminded of when I drive past Sunshine Ray’s house on County Road 1 in South Point. Except the mannequins in this scenario are full-size skeletons.

If you’re lucky enough to drive by them daily you may have seen them grilling, lying in the kiddie pool, swinging on the porch and fishing.

Sunshine started her yard displays a couple years ago, when she purchased the skeletons as Halloween decorations. Since that time, they have become a yard staple here in South Point, serving as entertainment for those traveling on County Road 1.

Sunshine says that she comes up with some of the displays herself and she welcomes suggestions from her friends.

The community of South Point has provided many activities to keep the COVID-19 blues away, such as scavenger hunts and food truck rallies, and this is just one more novelty to add to the list from members of our area.

In a world full of so much unknown right now, these are the types of simple entertainment that many of us look forward to catching a glimpse of.