Jim Crawford: Trump’s has programmed multiple re-election productions

Published 7:00 pm Monday, July 27, 2020

Trailing in virtually all polling by margins seemingly too wide to overcome, Trump Productions has turned to its best entertainment programming and it is not a Disney-like production. No, Trump Productions for 2020 is R rated on its best days and obscene in most of its performances.

Now playing in Portland, Oregon is the Trump feature, “Little Crimea.” A few years ago, Russia blatantly dropped into Crimea with unmarked troops and they just stayed. Questionable elections followed.

This month, Trump emulated that move sending his unmarked Little Green Men to attack and brutalize the largely peaceful protesters in downtown Portland. The Green Men use rubber bullets, tear gas, and clubs to beat, hurt and harm any and all who might have thought they had a First Amendment right to protest. It is sort of Lafayette Square multiplied.

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The plot of Little Crimea was built around images of violence, some even from footage recorded in Ukraine, but intended to show the terrible citizens of Portland hurting the good officers of law and order.

The deeper plot was to film it all in a Democratic-voting state where Trump will not win, therefore showing his new rendition of Law and Order as heroic, if dishonest.

Trump though, in his usual style, could not conceal his true motive. Nope, he just said it was only programming for Democratic cities.

Then there is the re-make of “Ukrainian Joe,” still in editing in the U.S. Senate.

You may recall that Trump earned impeachment trying to create a fake ethics charge against Joe Biden last year. While that production failed in a

Republican Senate, Trump Productions has enlisted U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, to reach out to Russian sources to re-create junk against Joe Biden. The Trump folks always like working with the Russians on this kind of thing.

And, just like 2016, Trump Productions has renewed its treason show, “Russian Election Help.” Unfortunately, the show has an all-new cast as the 2016 cast were convicted of federal crimes of lying to the FBI about their cooperation with Russians.

But, quietly, and in production should it be needed, is an entirely new programming from Trump Productions. Should the President lose the 2020 election, the final production is “Burn it all Down,” a whimsical plan to discredit the election by falsely attacking the absentee ballot.

Under wraps are other final programming events like, voter suppression, with 20,000 poll “watchers” ready to challenge those voters who have the audacity to vote while being black. The other old hits still in production include “Hide the Polling Location,” and “Shutting Down the Mail,” under the newly appointed Postmaster General, a Trump cult follower.

There is one odd renewal, “The Pandemic Show”, canceled once for its laughable impression of a president who actually cares about American deaths, has been renewed.

The new version is 100 percent expert free. The CDC has been muted (and proposed to be underfunded), the World Health Organization has been fired and the actual health experts, like Fauci and Brix, have been ejected.

In this new version, all the information comes from the single least informed person on the planet about the coronavirus, Donald Trump.

The Trump theory has always been that exposure of any kind is better than no exposure at all. So, The Pandemic Show is no longer an information show, it is a campaign event paid for by taxpayers.

Trump Productions has one final production underway, “Trump the Stable Genius” who can pass your average dementia exam with flying colors. This show has Donald Trump extolling his genius by noting his ability to tell drawings of a camel from a lion and the skill to draw a clock on paper.

This may be the sleeper of 2020 if only re-named, “The President Smarter Than Your Average 4th Grader.”

Jim Crawford is a retired educator and political enthusiast living here in the Tri-State.