Carol Allen: Ironton in Bloom needs support to continue mission

Published 4:40 pm Friday, August 28, 2020

Aren’t the Ironton in Bloom flowerpots, hanging baskets and pole planters beautiful this year?

The contract part-time city employees, paid for through your donations, are again watering, fertilizing and clipping these plants. If you are out and about our city, Monday through Saturday, you have seen them. Not only do they care for the flowers, but they are sweeping the sidewalks and creating a town that sparkles.

The result is breathtaking!

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Ironton in Bloom needs your financial help to fulfill our contract.

In 2019, IIB’s receipts came from business and personal Ownership, Pride, Teamwork sponsorships ($27,440), individual donations ($4,480), memorials ($460), and IIB fundraisers ($11,090).

Because of the many state restrictions, our organization is not able to fundraise in our usual fashion. In addition, the loss of OLBH and a few other businesses have contributed to a major shortfall. Thanks to you, we raised $1,000 plus on our drive-through flower sale in early May. However, this leaves our fund raising over $10,000 short.

This is where you come into play. We contracted for the planting and growing of the flowers in January and have been able to make our May, June and July installments for their maintenance. IIB now needs to raise money for the two final payments and, hopefully, some remaining to begin the new year.

You can support IIB in two ways. The first is to become an OPT (Ownership, Pride, Teamwork) sponsor. As a sponsor, you pledge that you will make this contribution each year when the invoice arrives usually in March. The minimum amount is $225.00, which covers the cost of one container. You can always stop this obligation by simply letting us know that your financial situation has changed.

The second method is by sending a donation to Ironton in Bloom at P.O. Box 4599, Ironton, OH 45638.

Any donations, large or small, are needed and truly appreciated. If we are not able to meet our obligation, we will have to stop maintaining the containers and allow the flowers to survive on their own until they lose their beauty. They will then be removed, making a shortened season.

IIB is a 501 3C nonprofit business. Your donation is tax deductible.

Next year is a new year to look forward to! We will continue to Plant Pride in Ironton.

Thank you for your donation supporting Ironton in Bloom.

Carol Allen is a former OUS educator and the chairperson and one of the founders of Ironton in Bloom