Editorial: Safety for the students

Published 12:58 am Wednesday, September 2, 2020

It was announced this week that two students, one in Ironton and one in Symmes Valley schools have tested positive for COVID-19.

Given the number of students in the county and the rate of cases in the county, it was inevitable that schools would face this situation and it is likely that more will.

Officials said they do not expect an outbreak at the schools, given spacing of students and are sanitizing the premises and the buses as a precaution.

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While schools are doing all they can to promote good hygiene and social distancing and monitoring the situation, we would like to remind parents to continue to follow best practices with children at home as well.

And be vigilant in watching for any signs of illness. If your child has a fever or shows symptoms, do not send them to school.

This school year will present challenges to the entire community and it will take diligence at home and on campus to keep things safe for Lawrence County students.