ARTS & CULTURE: Corduroy Brown

Published 12:21 am Saturday, September 5, 2020

Genre Style: Indie + Alternative

Location: Chesapeake

How did the project start?
Music has been part of my life since 2008. I’ve been super fortunate to play with so many talented groups, artists, churches and most importantly, friends. This music is all about creating music with all of the people who have always been good to me.
What are three adjectives to describe your style?
Upfront, vibrant, introspective.
Walk us through your creative process.
Most of the time the melodies or lyrics hit me ALL at once. I have notebooks full, along with my phone recordings of so many partial or finished ideas. A lot of people mention channeling my depression or deep thoughts through music, but when I’m really low, the last thing I want to do is write really. It’s a pretty feast or famine. When I’m feeling really good, I can write quite a bit so I do my best to take advantage of it.
How has your art evolved since you started?
It’s constantly changing. You’re actually supposed to change. Growth is not the enemy. I feel like you’re supposed to be able to look at music, relationships or even yourself and see growth. Being stagnant is the most dangerous thing for me. With Corduroy Brown, this music is a lot more than just face value. I find myself calling myself out for the things I felt guilty about, or hated about myself. On the other side of that, I can hear myself being thankful and celebrating how far I’ve come with my mental health. This music is a taste of both. I find myself not being afraid to just be honest from each side of the coin.
What is your favorite creative tool? Why?
The guitar is my first love really. My favorite creative tool is other people. I love bouncing energy and ideas off of my friends and other musicians that bounce ideas and energy back to me. That’s how I create the most.
What about being an artist fills your cup? Why should others indulge?
When someone is doing something that they’re put on the earth to do, you just know. I love watching other people perform, whether in sports, music, acting, anything. The fulfilment I receive from playing music and sharing it with, essentially the world, is really hard to put into words. When everyone finds the thing that makes them “tick,” something magical happens.
Any advice for new and struggling artists?
Never stop creating. No idea is a bad one. Don’t trash one of your songs before you even get a chance to see what it could be.
Don’t equate success to money or vice versa. I’ve always been realistic about “making it big.” Whatever that means. Money and business is definitely part of it, but the memories I love the most are the ones I’ve built with my best friends without much thought, other than just being in the moment with each other.
What upcoming protects should we look for? Where can we find it?
A seven to ten song Corduroy Brown album in 2020, hopefully. This album is going to feature a lot of my best friends and favorite musicians, and even non-musicians. The process so far really has been the work I’ve been the most proud of.
What question do you wish someone would ask? What is your answer?
“Is the grass really greener on the other side?”
“The grass is only greener where you water it.”

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