Letter to the editor: Brooks is the best choice for the Court of Appeals

Published 12:10 am Saturday, September 5, 2020

If you’re reading this, chances are, you live Ohio’s Fourth District.

This is a sizable area, representing the entire southeast, and a portion of the south central part of the state.

I’m writing today to help stress the importance of full ballot voting, and not just being consumed by national elections.

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To put things into perspective, community infrastructure, school district issues and judicial outcomes are balloted decisions that we make close to home.

In other words, real and important voting is LOCAL.

With this in mind, there is an important choice that you will have this Nov. 3rd. You will see two candidates listed for Fourth District Court of Appeals.

Now, before you read any further, I’d like for you to take a moment, and in your minds eye, picture Lady Justice…

The three significant emblems represented within this image are:
• The scales in her left hand, indicating consideration and weighing of all evidence.
• The sword in her right hand, indicating an indisputable enforcement of the law.
• The blindfold, indicating impartiality and fairness without prejudice!

As I digress, when you are completing your ballot, I urge you to vote Stacy Brooks for Judge.

Here is why:

As I alluded to in the visual descriptor above, it is a judge’s most sacred duty to uphold and promote the integrity, impartiality, and independence of the court.

Judges are expected to be free of even the slightest appearance of impropriety, and to avoid conduct that would give cause to recuse themselves from a case.

Stacy’s opponent is disregarding, at the very least, the impartiality portion of her duties, and in effect, she is eroding the public’s confidence in our courts!

Politics have no place in our courts.

Special interests have no place in our courts.

Unfortunately, it appears that Stacy’s opponent does not agree, as she has applied both to her campaign. From the moment she was appointed, just several weeks ago to her current position, to campaigning as a specific party candidate, she has shown that she cannot/will not be fair minded.

For the record, it is not inappropriate to accept a party nomination or endorsement. However, as a presiding official of the courts, it is not only inappropriate, but also unethical to proclaim that you are aligned with one party over another! In other words, it illustrates questionable character and poor “judgment.”

If judgment and character are important to you, then vote for Stacy Brooks.

She has served as village solicitor and a legal aid attorney.

She’s owned her own small business and also been a union president.

Stacy is an experienced attorney, who has taken oaths at the Ohio Supreme Court and the Federal District Court for the Southern District in Ohio. She has chosen a career in law to ensure that her neighbors, her community and her constituents will receive fair representation.

As a wife, and mother of two, Stacy leads by these examples at home as well.

Her family receives the same level of integrity and same high standards that we can all expect as our next Appellate Court Judge!

I kindly request that you remember the name and


Chris Perry