ARTS & CULTURE: Dick’s Music Shop & Downtown Emporium

Published 3:44 am Monday, October 5, 2020

When was your business established & how did you all get started?

Dick’s was originally established in 1959 as a record shop. The Molletts bought the establishment in 2009 in order to continue what Dick started.

What was that like, those first few months?

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When we started, we were down on S. Third St. by the Marlowe and the space was just too small. We knew we wanted to keep the namesake of the store, as well as the atmosphere, but with our own spin on things. In 2011, Dick’s Music Shop was relocated downtown because we believed it belonged in a more central part of the community.

How has your musicianship grown since opening this business?

Oh gosh, I’ve learned so much about so many different things in the world of music. I’ve learned how to do some instrument repairs and different techniques of teaching children. I’m better at playing a lot of different instruments than when we started, and learning more every day.

Any advice for new business owners?

Expect to be constantly learning; innovation is constant. Don’t take anything for granted and be a good neighbor

How has COVID-19 affected your business?

COVID-19 has affected our business in every way you could imagine. Because of school closures and the unpredictable times we’re living in, it’s hard to know which supplies to keep in stock. Getting merchandise is difficult, especially the supplies being imported from other countries. I’ve been told there will likely be a guitar shortage, so we are already prepping and stocking up for Christmas to hopefully avoid that issue. Also, people are afraid to come out. And not just us, but all local businesses, we are here. We all need the support of our community.

What makes your business unique from other local vendors?

We are unique because of our ability to innovate and meet the needs of the people in our community. We offer instrument and voice lessons, operate an instrument rental program, and provide additional services within the store like our FedEx shipping center and gift shop in the back of the music shop. Also, because our business is such a staple in our community, we frequently have people that come in and say “I got my first clarinet from Dick” or “I worked here 30 years ago.” It can really be a nostalgic experience.

Tell me a little bit about the relationship that Dick’s has with the local community.

I think we have a really good relationship with our community. Our customers like to come in not only to get what they need, but to come in and talk. It’s really neat. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I’ll stop and talk to them, because I might be the only person they see that day. We have a lot of conversations about all kinds of topics. We try to provide a welcoming environment.

We really enjoy what we’re doing and hope we can help people. Bring your instruments in here and we’ll fix them!
Instrument Lessons offered:

Voice, violin, piano, drum set, snare drum, quads and quints (drums), bells, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, saxophone, baritone, french horn, trombone, trumpet, tuba

Call Dick’s Music at 740-532-1950 or visit their website at to learn more about their instrument rental program.