Letter to the editor: Please vote for kind and compassionate leadership

Published 12:33 am Friday, October 23, 2020

I think everyone realizes how important, thoughtful and prayerful voting will be this year.

Please consider how important the kind of country we leave for our children and grandchildren will be this election.

Think about who will work to return our planet to a clean and safe place for future generations. Think about again applying the Golden Rule and becoming a country that treats everyone with the kindness and compassion we would hope for if we were in their place.

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I know there are many more issues you are all concerned about, which makes it so important to have a leader willing to listen to someone besides himself.

Look around you and see what four years of that kind of leadership has done to our country.

Please don’t think your vote doesn’t matter. That is how we got into being this hateful, hurtful, divided country.

Vote for what you hope for the people you care about.

Sue Jenkins