DeWine: No evidence of fraud in presidential race

Published 6:55 pm Thursday, November 5, 2020

Says public will accept race’s ultimate winner

COLUMBUS — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine disputed calls from some in his party that the presidential election is “being stolen” from Donald Trump.


Appearing in an interview on Wednesday with Christiane Amanpour, of CNN, DeWine refuted claims coming from the president of fraud as votes were tallied following Election Day.


“There’s no evidence of it,” DeWine said. “I’m not seeing any evidence of that at all.”


DeWine advised the public to “let the process work.”


DeWine was co-chair of Trump’s re-election committee in Ohio. He said Trump won the Buckeye State on Tuesday because he is “a fighter.”


As of Thursday, with 96 percent of the state’s vote counted, Trump led Democratic former Vice President Biden in Ohio, 53.4-45.2 percent.


DeWine had correctly predicted earlier in the week that Trump would carry the state, stating that southern and southeast counties in the Ohio Valley would go strong for him and lock up the state.


Nationally, Biden had a lead in the popular vote and electoral college on Thursday, with several states still too close to call.


DeWine said the country should come together, regardless of whether Trump or Biden ultimately wins.


“We will, at some point, know who the next president is,” DeWine said. “And those who lost, we will accept that. I was for Trump. I am for Trump. And if it ends up being Biden, all of us will accept that, because that’s what we do in this country.”