Editorial: Winter will be critical time in pandemic fight

Published 4:32 am Saturday, November 14, 2020

“We won’t even hear about this after Nov. 3.”

That was the sentiment that has been floating around among far too many people regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, wrongly insinuating that the highly-contagious virus was merely a political plot for an election year.

Yet the election has come and gone, but the pandemic is still here and, unfortunately, is worse than it has ever been.

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Ohio sat a record on Friday for the number of daily cases, with 8,071 reported and as the new COVID-19 alert map in today’s paper shows, the spread is worsening in the state.

As always, please continue to wear masks, social distance and avoid mass gatherings — this will be especially important with the holiday season approaching.

Painful as it may be, traditional holiday events are not wise this year and should be avoided.

Though 2020 may feel like a lost year and we miss normal life, the costs to families from flaunting guidelines and spreading the virus could be far greater.

News of a vaccine this week looks promising, but, in the meantime, we urge all to continue to be vigilant and do not let their guard down during these critical months.