Editorial: A season of giving for all

Published 1:03 am Wednesday, November 25, 2020

On Thursday, the South Hills Longbeards chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation donated more than 1,000 frozen turkeys to charitable groups throughout the Tri-State.

This generosity will be greatly appreciated and will help to brighten both the Thanksgiving and Christmas season for many a family, providing a meal that they otherwise might have not have had.

As the holidays kick off, it is time to think of those less fortunate.

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We at The Tribune would like to promote any charitable efforts going on in the coming months. If you know of a group or individual working on a project of giving who may be in need of volunteers and donations, please let us know.

Please send information to briefs@irontontribune.com and we will add them to our list of charities.

We commend NWTF and all others for their work this season and hope that all can still have a wonderful holiday in these difficult times.