Editorial: A legacy that will carry on

Published 12:19 am Wednesday, December 9, 2020

On Nov. 28, Robert Culp Jr. passed away at the age of 80.The longtime OUS faculty member is being remembered for his contributions to the southern campus, having helped to build the school’s science program, as well as his outreach efforts to bring science and education to the area’s youth.

Culp, in his time at OUS, was among many who were instrumental in the development of the campus, from its humble origins in Ironton High School to its growth, especially in the 1980s, into the campus as we know it.

We are thankful to the educational opportunities that exist in OUS and all who made them possible, from visionaries like Dr. Bill Dingus, longtime faculty like Bob Leith, advocates in government such as Oakley Collins and Vern Riffe to its current leadership.

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We offer our condolences to Culp’s family and know that those he inspired and the programs he created will be his legacy.