EDITORIAL: Tackling needed issues

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 13, 2021

At their meeting of council last week, South Point learned from Mayor Jeff Gaskin that the village is in excellent financial shape, with departments staying in budget and two loans about to be paid off.

In the organizational meeting, the mayor asked council for projects they would like to work on.

Among those were public safety infrastructure and a focus on longstanding water and sewer needs.

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While no one wants to see spending take off simply because funds are there, this is not the case here and the issues described are those that have needed addressed for some time.

Rather than “kick the can down the road,” as the mayor said, the village should follow the old saying of “fix your roof while the sun is shining.”

It is our hope that this year sees some movement on these problems and the council and mayor work on implementing solutions that will benefit future generations.