With magnetic signs stolen, auditor warns of people impersonating county employees

Published 3:21 pm Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Lawrence County Auditor Paul David Knipp has issued a warning about people who could be potentially imitating county employees after magnetic signs were stolen.

The auditor’s office is currently doing revaluation of all properties in the county which requires teams to canvas the county to capture updated pictures of all structures.

The teams are clearly marked with ID cards, color-coordinated vests and other unique identifiers to help the public verify that they are county employees.

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“Unfortunately, we have reports that some of the car signage was stolen while our teams were working,” Knipp wrote on the county auditor’s Facebook page. “We have also received reports that the individuals who stole the signs are impersonating our county staffed photography teams.”

The thefts have been reported to law enforcement and the auditor’s office is working to mitigate the situation.

“We are providing new signage that will be used from this point on,” Knipp wrote. The new signs are shown with this story. “if see signage/magnets being used that are different from what is shown… please report this incident to our office and local law enforcement immediately.”

The phone number for the Lawrence County Auditor’s Office is 740-533-4310.