EDITORIAL: Safety in flooded conditions

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 3, 2021

With the melt from last month’s winter storms, followed by heavy rains, Lawrence County is dealing with high water in many areas.

From the road near the high school in Chesapeake being blocked to Ironton having to put up the flood wall, the situation is serious and poses dangers. It will require residents to exercise caution this week.

Especially important is to be vigilant when on the roads. Allstate insurance offers the following tips for driving in flood situations:

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• Do not drive around barricades: Should you come to a barrier blocking a flooded road, do not go around it. Back up or turn around and find a different route.

• Do not drive on bridges over fast-moving water: Rising water can take out a bridge with little or no warning.

• Avoid going through any floodwater: It only takes a foot of water for a small vehicle to float. And water, such as large puddles, can also hide debris which could impair a vehicle.

• Stay in the vehicle if it is surrounded by fast-moving water. Unless water is rising inside the vehicle, do not exit the vehicle when you’re surrounding by quickly-moving floodwater. If water is rising inside your vehicle, exit the car and get onto the roof.