Fairland wins state powerlifting meet; Brumfield, Webb, Ward, Compliment individual champions

Published 12:24 am Saturday, March 27, 2021

The Fairland Dragons had three individual state powerlifting champions that helped fuel the team championship at the state powerlifting meet held in Kenton. .FAR LEFT: Morgan Webb won her weight class and set the state record for total weight in her division; CENTER: J.D. Brumfield was first in the 175-pound weight class; FAR RIGHT: Max Ward took first place in the 185-pound division. (Photos by Scott Slone)

Chance Short

KENTON — The Ohio Valley Conference was represented well at the state powerlifting meet in Kenton, Ohio last Friday with Fairland winning their first ever state meet in the boys

Coal Grove’s Ben Compliment

division after a team total of 12,880 pounds.
Coal Grove finished right on the heels of the Dragons in second place with a total lift of 12,550 pounds and South Point ended the meet in sixth place with a team lift of 9,355 pounds.
The Fairland girls finished third in their division with a lift of 4,555 pounds and Ironton’s solo act in Emma Hall finished 12th with a total lift of 725 pounds.
Hall placed second in her weight class with a squat of 290, bench press of 135, and a deadlift

Ironton Lady Fighting Tigers’ powerlifter Emma Hall finished second in the state powerlifting meet in Kenton. Hall set a school record for most pounds lifted and highest place in the state meet for Ironton girls. (Photo Submitted)

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of 300 for Ironton’s total.
The boys 250 class was won by Coal Grove’s Austin Stapleton with a lift of 1,420 pounds and Fairland’s Zach Trent was second with 1,385 pounds.
The state champion for the boys unlimited division was

Ben Compliment from Coal Grove with a lift of 1,610 pounds, R.J. Ward was third from Chesapeake with 1.370 pounds, Dontae Harris finished fourth from South Point with 1,230 pounds, and Nick Wright was fifth from Fairland with 1,230 pounds as well.
J.D. Brumfield won his weight class of 175 with a total lift of 1,295 pounds to become the state champ for Fairland. Max Ward also won his weight class for Fairland with a lift of 1,140 pounds in the boys 185.
Chase Hall was second for Coal Grove behind Ward with a lift of 1,080 pounds.
Zander Schmidt was third in the boys 195 for Fairland with a lift of 1.025 pounds.
Blake Waulk was fifth in the boys 225 division for Rock Hill with a total of 1,070 pounds.
Morgan Webb broke a state record for the Dragons with her deadlift of 295 pounds. She finished in first place of her weight division with a 215 squat and 110 bench.
Nina Miller and Kaci Adkins also finished fourth and fifth in the same weight class. Miller had a total lift of 505 pounds and Adkins with 470 pounds.
Brooke Brumfield finished third for Fairland in her weight class with a total lift of 565 pounds. Katie Brumfield was second with 610 pounds, Lexi Hall finished fourth with 560 pounds, and Tomi Hinkle was fifth with 550 pounds all for Fairland. Zoey Schmidt also finished fourth in her weight class with a lift of 600 pounds.
Ben Southard placed second in the boys 125 class with a total lift of 660 pounds for Fairland and Landon Roberts was third for Coal Grove with 600 pounds.
Nate Woodyard finished fifth in the 135 weight class for Coal Grove with a total of 835 pounds.
Coal Grove also had two top five finishers in the 145 weight class with Morgan Shultz in second with 905 pounds and Justin Newcomb in fifth lifting 845 pounds.
Parker Wyant was fourth from Fairland with 845 pounds lifted.
Steven Simpson was fourth in the boys 155 with a total lift of 955 pounds.
Clay Ferguson and Marshall Castle finished third and fourth in the boys 165. Ferguson is from Coal Grove and lifted 1010 pounds and Castle totaled 1005 pounds.