Nathan Davis: Answering your questions about the use of propane

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 28, 2021

Editor’s note: This is the initial column from what will be a recurring series. later installments will appear on our community pages:

The Comfort Corner is designed with one simple goal in mind…to educate the community about propane, sometimes referred to as LPG or LP Gas, so that they may better understand this valuable and efficient fuel as well as promote a more effective relationship between gas customers and their suppliers.

The information within is an expanding resource that will attempt to explain LP Gas, gas systems and the uses of propane in the commercial, industrial and residential areas.

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When you think of propane your first thought may be about it’s popularly used for home heating, cooking, and outdoor gas grills. Tens of millions of families throughout the

United States use propane for some or all of their heating or appliance needs, and enjoy the comfort it provides; but what about the lesser-known facts of propane? Such as, Is it safe? Where does it come from? Is it environmentally friendly? In this article, we want to answer some lesser-known facts about propane.

Although identified as an alternative fuel, propane is used in a number of different capacities throughout the world and is a portable energy source used for fueling processes that keeps the world moving.

The familiarity with propane most often is tied to grilling, but it does so much more than that. Propane is used for heating, cooking, materials handling, on and off-road vehicles, backup power supply and a number of industrial processes. Propane is used to supply entire communities when natural gas is not an option.

It’s used on the farm, at the airport, on the golf course, in factories and refineries, and of course, propane is used in the backyard. As research and technology expands, the uses of propane expand as well. It is a clean-burning natural resource used by millions of people on a daily basis and when used properly, it’s one of the safest sources of energy available today.

If you have a question about propane, we invite you to send us an email at so that we may help you have a better understanding of propane and the appliances that go along with it.

Nathan Davis is the marketing manager for Arrick’s Propane