ARTS AND Culture: Corduroy Brown

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Alan Brown – Guitar/Vocals; Chris Barker – Bass; Jeffrey McClelland – Drums /Vocals; Tyler Cooper – Guitar/Vocals 

Genre Style: Pop, Rock

Location: Huntington, West Virginia

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How did the project start?
Really, over the pandemic was when it came together as a group. We’ve all played in several bands over the last several years, but something about this group sparked a little extra something when the pieces came together. We’re all old friends first.

What are three adjectives to describe your style?
Fun, Introspective and jovial.

Walk us through your creative process. Does it vary, if so, how?
Some of the songs are from as far back as 2017, but are just now coming to life with the band. Feedback and input from everyone is so critical to sculpting your sounds. Working with top notch musicians is more than I could ever ask. I feel like I’m on the Dream Team. Everyone just knows and has experience with making good music.

How has your art evolved since you started? 
It evolves every day, but, right now, with all the live shows happening, the songs and how we deliver them are always becoming more alive. Creating in a studio is a little more tedious. You want to get them as close to perfect as you can, but playing them live now, you can let loose on them. That generally sparks so many more ideas of how we can improve in studio and in person.

What is your favorite creative tool, and why?
Collaboration and feedback.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and not really even know it. Working with Jeff, Tyler and Chris, we’re able to push each other sonically all around. Every one of the guys really know how to keep us from becoming stagnant.

What about being an artist fills your cup? Why should others take interest in the arts?
This really is what I’m supposed to be doing. When someone is doing what the universe, or God, or whatever is calling them to do, you really can see it. After I was on life support earlier this year, I see my purpose more now than ever. It’s important to take interest in the arts…but just take interest in something. We get to be on this earth one time (twice for me now.) I know people who find joy in being a janitor at a church. I know people who find joy washing cars. I know people who find joy in acting. The important thing is to find joy.

Any advice for new or struggling artists? 
Quit being your worst enemy. Create constantly. I’m guilty of throwing away songs that I hate, but who knows if that wasn’t the song that was going to catapult a musical career into place? Success is what you make of it. When my friends tell me that some of my lyrics helped them through a hard time, that really means more than any kind of worldwide success would. Never stop creating. Get out of your own way.

What upcoming project should we look for, and where can we look for it? 
Aug. 14, 2021. The debut album “Let Me Know” will be out physically and digitally.

What question do you never get asked that you would like to be asked?  How would you answer?
“Are you scared of dying?” – “No, I’m scared of not living.”