LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Anti-maskers, unvaccinated have prolonged the pandemic

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 5, 2021

Antimaskers and the unvaccinated are generally the same type of individuals.

Last year, when my family, like many others, were following CDC guidelines and government health mandates, we begged friends, coworkers and acqaintances to please wear a mask on behalf of my son and others with autoimmune disorders and compromised immune systems, but many blatantly refused claiming it was an infringement on their liberty and/or a government conspiracy.

I was also told by one Facebook “friend” that the poor health condition of others was not her problem and that it was their responsibility to do whatever they needed to do to stay healthy and safe, not hers.

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So now here we are, a year later, still fighting this virus that keeps mutating and becoming even more deadly very likely because of antimaskers and the unvaccinated. We are now having mandates and restrictions reimposed and mask orders reinstated because of them and their blatant disregard for others.

Their unfounded beliefs, conspiracies and outright lies have prolonged the inconvenience, pain, suffering and death that could have otherwise been behind us by now.

My family and I have all been fully vaccinated. We feel liberated not having to wear a mask now and relieved that we no longer have to worry about being hospitalized or dying from this virus. Thank God for the vaccine.

So since my family and I, and others like us, have done all that has been asked of us for the past year, I see no reason why we’re being asked to sacrifice, suffer and be inconvenienced again simply to protect those who have done nothing to stop the spread from the very beginning.

I say to you antimaskers and the unvaccinated the same thing I was told on Facebook a year ago.

You’re not my problem. You do whatever you need to do to stay protected. So what if I’m a possible carrier? I’m 97 percent protected. I’m not going to be inconvenienced because of your ignorance any longer. You can’t be helped. Good luck to you.

I would also say to our government and employers nationwide. It’s time to mandate the vaccine for all and require proof. If vaccines are required for public school attendance and military service, then it can certainly be required in the workplace to protect everyone who works there.

This is not about protecting the freedom to choose for a small group. It’s about public health and safety, protecting the right to life for EVERY American citizen.

Speak up and share if you’re vaccinated and you agree!

Richard Duvendeck II