LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Questions need answered on fate of Ohio teachers’ retirement funds

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Recently, our Lawrence County Retired Teachers Association members met with the Ohio Retired Teachers Association’s Dr. Robin Rayfield.
ORTA is the organization that watches STRS and works to keep the benefits and pension in good shape.

Dr. Rayfield and others from ORTA agree that the STRS has a transparency problem. The State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio people do not tell us where our money is invested or if there are alternative accounts! We are not told what fees must be paid or told what our money is worth today!

Dr. Rayfield and others were watching Wall Street activity. All of a sudden, Dr. Rayfield and the others with him saw the transaction where a billion and a half of our dollars disappeared. Gone forever! Our money was taken by a hedge fund called Panda Power.

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We need for, all of us together at the same time, to make a trip to Columbus to see about our pensions. We need to make this trip!

Karen Tyo
South Point