In your neighborhood — Registry keeps public aware of sex offenders

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 11, 2021

In order to keep the public apprised of sex offenders living within the area, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office features a sex offender registry on its website.

The page, located at, allows users to search for offenders within one mile of an address, or to look up information on specific offenders. It also features a list of all offenders registered with the county, of which 102 are currently listed.

The sheriff’s office also offers an email notification in which subscribers will receive notification and alert if an offender’s address is within Lawrence County and within one mile of the subscriber. This feature is also available in other counties through the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

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State law sets a provision to register offenders and notify the public. Authorities verify the whereabouts of those registered at regular intervals, based on risk level.

According to Ohio state code, all registered sex offenders must report at regularly scheduled intervals, based on their classifications, and must report any change in address within three days to the sheriff of the county in which they reside.

All registered sex offenders must report to the sheriff immediately upon entering the county to attend school or if employed for more than 14 days or for a total of 30 days or more in a calendar year, regardless of where he or she resides.

All registered sex offenders must report to the sheriff all vehicles registered to them, all Internet or email addresses to which they have access and any location where they serve as a volunteer.

“Children are particularly vulnerable to sex offenders,” the sheriff’s office states on its website, and encourages open communication between parents and children.

“In general terms, tell your children that this person has hurt someone before,” the website reads. “Explain to them that they should stay away from this individual. Avoid scary details.”

The sheriff’s office says that there is no way to accurately predict the future behavior of an offender, but “past behavior is an indication of whether an individual, or group, poses a higher risk to the public.”

“Not all offenders will commit another crime,” the website reads. “However, knowledge of a potential risk should assist you and your family in avoiding situations that allow for easy access to victims.”

The website uses the Ohio Attorney General’s Electronic Sex Offender Registration & Notification (eSORN) system. Each of Ohio’s 88 counties input information into the system, which is shared statewide.

Description of terms
The following classifications are used by Ohio’s system:
• Sexual Predator: An individual who has been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, committing a sexually-oriented offense and is considered likely to commit additional sexually oriented offenses. Offenders with this designation are subject to registration/verification requirements for life, unless a judge modifies or terminates the designation. They are subject to neighbor/ community notification provisions and reporting requirements at 90-day intervals.

• Habitual Sex Offender: An individual who has been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, committing a sexually oriented offense, and who has been previously convicted of or pleaded guilty to one or more sexually oriented offenses. Offenders with this designation are subject to registration/ verification requirements each year for a period of 20 years after release. A judge may rule that a habitual sex offender is subject to neighbor/ community notification.

• Sexually Oriented Offender: A person who has been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, committing a sexually oriented offense, but who has not been designated as a sexual predator or habitual sex offender. Offenders with this designation are subject to the registration/verification requirements annually for a period of 10 years after release. They are not subject to neighbor/community notification.
Source: Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office

• Pre-AWA: Offense predates the passage of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, a federal statute was signed into law on July 27, 2006. The act groups sex offenders into the three tiers used by Ohio. Tier III offenders are required to update their whereabouts every three months with lifetime registration requirements. Tier II offenders must update every six months with 25 years of registration, and Tier I offenders must update every year with 15 years of registration.

The act was named in memory of Adam Walsh, a six-year-old boy who was abducted from a Hollywood, Florida department store and murdered in 1981. His father, John Walsh, has become well-known as an advocate for victims of crime and served as host of the television program America’s Most Wanted. He lobbied strongly for the passage of the legislation.

Offense tiers
Offense tiers used by Ohio are as follows:
• Tier I: Importuning; unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, non-consensual and offender less than 4 years older than victim, not previously convicted of certain offenses; voyeurism; sexual imposition; gross sexual imposition; illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance; child enticement with sexual motivation; pander- ing obscenity; menacing by stalking with sexual motivation; and unlawful restraint with sexual motivation — this includes an attempt, complicity or conspiracy to commit any of these offenses. Child-victim offenders not in Tier II or Tier III.

• Tier II: Compelling prostitution; pandering obscenity involving a minor; pandering sexual oriented material involving a minor; illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance; when offender is at least four years older; or when the offender is less than four years older and has prior conviction for certain other offenses; gross sexual imposition victim under 13; child endangering; kidnapping with sexual motivation; kidnapping victim over 18; and abduction with sexual motivation — any sexual offense that occurs after the offender has been classified as a Tier I offender. This includes an attempt, complicity or conspiracy to commit any of these offenses. Pre-AWA habitual offenders, unless re-classified.

• Tier III: Rape; sexual battery; aggravated murder with sexual motivation; murder with sexual motivation; unlawful death or termination of pregnancy as a result of commit- ting or attempting to commit a felony with sexual motivation; kidnapping of minor to engage in sexual activity; kid- napping of minor, not by parent; and felonious assault with sexual motivation. — Pre-AWA predators unless re-classified after hearing. Any sexual offense that occurs after the offender is classified as a Tier II or Tier III offender. This includes an attempt, complicity or conspiracy to commit any of these offenses.
Source: Franklin County Sheriff’s Office


• John Adams – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 1116 South 8th St., Ironton, 45638
• Christopher Adkins – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 701 Township Rd. 278, Chesapeake, 45619
• Ronald Aldridge – Tier I Sex Offender, 17 Private Dr. 101 Township Rd. 1183, Ironton, 45638
• William Bailey – Tier II Sex Offender, 303 Walnut St. Apt. 1, Ironton, 45638
• Joshua Ball – Pending, 180 Township Rd. 219, Chesapeake, 45619
• David Barbour – Tier II Sex Offender, 100 Front St, Proctorville, 45669
• Vincent Baumgardner – Tier III Sex Offender, NO ADDRESS LISTED
• Calvin Black – Pending, 8559 State Route 243, South Point, 45680
• Noah Blackburn – Tier I Sex Offender, 514 Township Rd. 1233, Proctorville, 45669
• Sherman Blankenship – Tier II Sex Offender, 158 Township Rd. 184W, Pedro, 45659
• John Bradshaw – Tier I Sex Offender, 3489 County Rd. 73, Crown City, 45623
• Christopher Breeze – Tier I Sex Offender, 2630 County Rd. 62, Willow Wood 45696
• Mathew Breier – NON–COMPLIANT (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 1000 Wallace Lane, Proctorville, 45669
• Scottie Bruce – Tier I Sex Offender, 38 Private Rd. 95, Kitts Hill, 45645
• Brian Cade – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 9035 State Route 141, Kitts Hill, 45645
• Kenneth Cade – (Pre AWA) Habitual Sex Offender, 585 Township Rd. 220, Willow Wood, 45696
• Nicholas Chapman – Tier II Child Victim Offender, 614 Township Rd. 309, Chesapeake, 45619
• Mitchell Childers – (Pre AWA) Habitual Sex Offender, 908 N. 5th St., Ironton, 45638
• Phillip Cook – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, 228 High St, Ironton, 45638
• Lonnie Dalton – Tier II Sex Offender, 74 Private Dr. 265, Pedro, 45659
• Louis Daniels – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 419 County Rd. 121, Proctorville, 45669
• Michael Delawder – Tier II Sex Offender, 408 Pleasant St., Ironton, 45638
• Roy Fannin – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, NO ADDRESS LISTED
• David Ferguson – (Pre AWA) Habitual Sex Offender, 68 Township Rd. 1425, South Point, 45680
• Zackary Fetty – Tier I Sex Offender, 6643 County Rd. 15, Chesapeake, 45619
• Joshua Fout – Tier I Sex Offender, 1407 State Route 141, Pedro 45659
• William Fyffe – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 516 Hecla St., Apt. 2, Ironton, 45638
• William Hall – Tier II Sex Offender, 11123 County Rd. 1, Chesapeake, 45619
• Frederick Harbolt – Tier II Sex Offender, 13 Private Dr. 142, Chesapeake, 45619
• Charles Hash – Tier I Sex Offender, 614 County Rd. 59 Apt. 7, Chesapeake, 45619
• Jimmy Hay – Tier I Sex Offender, 7 Private Dr. 242, South Point, 45680
• Matthew Hoff – Tier II Sex Offender, 98 Township Rd. 1096, Chesapeake, 45619
• Carl Holston – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, 406 Pike St., Coal Grove, 45638
• Vernon Jackson – Tier II Sex Offender, 234 Township Rd. 1026, South Point, 45680
• Timothy Jett – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 15875 State Route 775, Willow Wood, 45696
• Clarence Johnson – Tier I Sex Offender, 4696 Gallia Pike, Franklin Furnace, 45629
• Debbie Johnson – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 320 ½ North 5th St., Ironton, 45638
• Scott Jones – Tier I Sex Offender, 27 Private Dr. 963 #181, Ironton, 45638
• Jeffrey Koster – Tier III Sex Offender, 3342 County Rd. 6, Kitts Hill, 45645
• Ronald Koster – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, 357 County Rd. 16, Pedro, 45659
• Michael Malavenda – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 7909 County Rd. 2, Willow Wood, 45696
• David Marcum – Tier III Sex Offender, 182 Township Rd. 508 South, South Point, 45680
• James McAlary – Tier I Sex Offender, 710 4th St. W., South Point, 45680
• Bryan McCarty – (Pre AWA) Habitual Sex Offender, 222 County Rd. 8, Kitts Hill, 45645
• Samuel McClain – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 1806 ½ State Route 243, Ironton, 45638
• James McClaskey – Tier I Sex Offender, 204 Locust St, Ironton, 45638
• Michael Merrick – Tier I Sex Offender, 202 Brubaker Dr., South Point, 45680
• Donald Midkiff – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 1881 County Rd. 61, Kitts Hill, 45645
• Wilbur Mills – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, 255 County Rd. 411, Proctorville, 45669
• Zachary Moore – Tier II Sex Offender, 6255 State Route 141, Kitts Hill, 45645
• Jerry Morrison – Tier III Sex Offender, 30 Township Rd. 1095, Chesapeake, 45619
• Roger Myers – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, 1620 County Rd. 1, South Point, 45680
• Bobby Nash – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, 177 County Rd. 45, Ironton, 45638
• David Neal – Tier I Sex Offender, 1233 County Rd. 32 Apt. F, Chesapeake, 45638
• Gary Newcomb – (Pre AWA) Habitual Sex Offender, 1368 Township Rd. 179, Ironton, 45638
• Bobby Oveden – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 17788 State Route 243, Chesapeake, 45619
• Joey Payne – Tier III Sex Offender, 108 Franklin Court, South Point, 45680
• Eric Petersen – Tier II Sex Offender, 70 Private Rd. 302, South Point, 45680
• Gary Perry – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 82 Private Dr. 706, Chesapeake, 45680
• Paul Price – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, NO ADDRESS LISTED
• Christopher Prince – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, 227 Township Rd. 601, Ironton, 45638
• John Ramsey – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 299 County Rd. 25, Ironton, 45638
• Glen Richendollar (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 320 ½ North 5th St., Ironton, 45638
• Craig Riggle – Tier II Sex Offender, Homeless, Ironton, 45638
• William Rigsby – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 2133 State Route 243, Ironton, 45638
• James Robinson – Tier III Sex Offender, 1212 South 8th St., Ironton, 45638
• Brenda Rose – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, 111 Cove St., South Point, 45680
• Charles Rucker – Tier II Sex Offender, 1509 South 4th St., Ironton, 45638
• Daryl Runyon – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 264 Township Rd. 1026, South Point, 45680
• Kyle Sammons – Tier I Sex Offender, 128 Private Rd. 3649, Kitts Hill, 45645
• Anthony Scarberry – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 5281 County Rd. 12, Proctorville, 45669
• Jessie Scarberry – Tier II Sex Offender, 1732 State Route 775, Proctorville, 45669
• Randall Sexton – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, 1107 South 3rd St., Apt. B, Ironton, 45638
• Mark Shannon – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 96 Private Dr. 82, Proctorville, 45669
• Stanley Sharp – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, NO ADDRESS LISTED
• Darren Sharpe – Tier III Sex Offender, 211 Depot St, Coal Grove, 45638
• Michael Shore – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, 225 Township Rd. 136 North, Ironton, 45638
• William Skaggs – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, 2225 North 5th St., Ironton, 45638
• Austin Slone – Tier I Sex Offender, 547 Township Rd. 250, South Point, 45680
• Archie Stephens – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 5474 Fisher Bowen Branch Rd., Wayne, 25570
• Larry Stevens – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 301 Linden Ave., South Point, 45680
• Jonathan Taylor – Pending, 232 Township Rd. 1267, Proctorville, 45669
• Robert Thacker – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, 212 Township Rd. 172 South, Proctorville, 45669
• James Thompson – Tier II Sex Offender, 1518 County Rd. 31, Chesapeake, 45619
• Michael Thompson – Tier I Sex Offender, 190 Private Rd. 799, South Point, 45680
• Michael Tipton – Tier II Sex Offender, 95 Private Dr. 1255 County Rd. 17, South Point, 45680
• Flint Topping, (pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 898 Township Rd. 266, Kitts Hill, 45645
• David Turvey – Tier I Sex Offender, 413 Mulberry St., Ironton, 45638
• Keisha Waddell – Tier I Sex Offender, 8452 State Route 141, Kitts Hill, 45645
• Robert Webb – Tier I Sex Offender, 132 Township Rd., South Point, 45680
• Lance Welch – (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender, 501 N. 2nd St. 2850 Main St., Apt. 1, Ashland, 41101
• Eric West – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 696 County Rd. 58, South Point, 45680
• Cletis White – Tier I Sex Offender, 1009 County Rd. 22, Ironton, 45638
• Earl White – NON–COMPLIANT Tier III Sex Offender, 902 Gary Malone St. Lot 15, South Point, 45680
• James White – Tier III Sex Offender, 20 Township Rd. 1038, Chesapeake, 45619
• Joshua White – Tier III Sex Offender, 2209 North 1st St., Ironton, 45638
• Andrew Wiley – Tier II Sex Offender, 105 Broad Aly, Proctorville, 45669
• Teresa Willis – Tier I Sex Offender, 311 Spruce St, Ironton, 45638
• Randall Witt – Tier II Sex Offender, 801 Mill St., Ironton 45638
• James Wolford – Tier I Sex Offender, 1579 State Route 140, Oak Hill, 45656
• Donald Worden – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, NO ADDRESS LISTED
• James York – (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator, 421 Mill St., Ironton, 45638