LaRose spotlights Ohio agriculture businesses

Published 5:58 am Monday, August 16, 2021

COLUMBUS – Ohioans have long made their living off the land.
Over time, it became our state’s number one industry, and today most of Ohio’s 77,000 farms are run by families.
Put plainly, Ohio relies on our land and the people who cultivate it.
This month, farmers around Ohio are busy preparing for the harvest, as are small family-owned businesses that support the farm industry.
From tractor sales to canning tomatoes, Ohioans have built businesses from the ground up that help feed our nation while supporting their local economies.
In fact, the origin of Ohio’s current major food manufacturers can often be traced to small, family endeavors.
Tomorrow’s food giants may well be seen in today’s startup companies.
“Ohioans are known for their work ethic and grit, and no other industry is a better example of what it takes to start and grow a successful business than agriculture,” Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said. “Working on a farm taught me how important hard work is to being successful and I know all of these businesses are passing that value on to the next generation.”
These businesses started because of someone’s passion for the land or simply an opportunity to put food on the table for their family.
Have an idea or passion that you could turn into a business?
Make it happen by visiting the Secretary of State’s Business Services page.
On the site you can file your new business and connect with valuable resources so that your venture can contribute to Ohio’s growing economy.

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