Residents receive surveys

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 19, 2021

Randomly selected Ironton residents have begun receiving surveys in the mail. These surveys are being sent as part of the city’s planning of infrastructure improvements. Part of the planning process includes income surveys in the southern section of town, specifically beginning at Center Street and continuing through the southern part of the city.

The income survey requires the recipient to fill in the street address and number of people living in your household and to check the box next to your current approximate total household annual income before taxes for the current year. If you are randomly selected to receive an income survey in the mail, the city requests that you complete and return it. The information collected will be confidential and only viewed by the program administrator and the funding agency, not the city.

If you’ve already received a survey and thrown it away thinking it was a scam, don’t worry. There will be three separate attempts made to contact the randomly selected residents, says Kevin Wood, who is the head of water and wastewater practice at IBI Group, a technology-driven design firm.

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Filling out this survey will help an attempt to qualify the south end of town for federal grant dollars, but the survey is required by Sept. 15.