South Point Couldn’t Overcome Boyd County’s Second Half Adjustments

Published 12:39 pm Saturday, August 21, 2021

Jacob D. Ball for The Ironton Tribune

Cannonsburg, KY – One of the most overused metaphors in sports reporting refers to a football game as a “Tale of Two Halves.” While it is good practice to not engage in the overuse of these metaphors, sometimes using them is unavoidable. That being said, Friday night’s game between the South Point Pointers and the Boyd County Lions was truly a Tale of Two Halves.

The first half consisted of both teams trying to match each other stylistically with both South Point and Boyd County trying to spread out the respective defenses and run plays at a breakneck pace. The end result of the first half was a flurry of activity on the field that didn’t lead to much scoring and quite a few interesting drives by both teams ending in an unfortunate turnover or merely sputtering out. The main highlight of that first half was a spectacular 64-yard touchdown run by South Point’s Blaine Freeman. At half time, South Point was ahead of Boyd County 10-7.

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When South Point took possession of the ball in the second half it actually seemed like the second half was going to take the same course as the first. South Point came out again with a fast pace and drove all the way down to the Boyd County nine yard line, only to have their drive end on 4th down. Then, no one in the crowd realized it, but the game was truly over on Boyd County’s ensuing possession. The Lions came out in a power formation signaling that they were going to abandon any idea of spreading out the Pointer defense, rather they were going to run directly at South Point. Their commitment to power football paid dividends as they ate up both time and yards and topped off that drive with a touchdown. After the following South Point possession, Boyd County came out again ready to bring the power. That drive only lasted one play as Freshman Camaron Collins trotted down the field for a 77-yard touchdown leading the Lions to lead 21-10.

The first few minutes of the 4th quarter was the moment when everyone at the field realized it was over. The first play of the 4th was a missed field goal attempt from South Point. This missed attempt gave Boyd County the ball at their own 20-yard line. Camaron Collins’ number was called again, and he only needed one play to reach the endzone scampering for an 80-yard score. The ensuing kickoff saw the Pointers thinking that the ball was going into the endzone for a touchback, only for it not to reach the endzone, which pinned the Pointers next to their own endzone. The result of that field position was Boyd County intercepting a South Point pass at the South Point 11 yard line which led to the Lion’s offense scoring an 11-yard touchdown run. From that point on, the result of the game was not in question as Boyd County piled on some more scores leading Boyd County to a victory 49-10 over South Point.