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Skyler Cunningham: Choosing a path in life never easy

I was watching one of my favorite shows when something happened between two of the characters on the show that made me think about my life and if I were to ever want children in the future.

Maybe this all goes back to my other columns I’ve wrote.

Life questions that I wonder if others also ask themselves. Is it appropriate for someone to ask another person when they’re going to settle down and have children?

While I was watching that exact question was asked, and I couldn’t help but feel horrible for the character on the show, because she wasn’t able to conceive.

I’ve also had this question asked to me and in my own personal opinion I think it can be rude.

I was left standing there realizing I have blocked that thought or even idea out of my mind.

I started thinking about all the other women and men who also can’t conceive and how they would feel if they were asked that question. I know we have the option to adopt and there are so many children who want a home and a family, which is a beautiful thing.

I still can’t help but think what it would be like to experience that bond a mother has with a part of their heart growing inside of them.

I know to most people it’s just a simple question being asked, but to people who struggle with not being able to have children, or even someone who hasn’t thought about that far ahead into the future, can be daunting.

Some of us have this ticking time clock in our bodies that no matter how fast we work or try to get ahead it’s still there.

Even when you’re doing everything in the order you believe is fit. Not everyone fits in a clock frame.

A lot of us want a different life, to explore new adventures and not be tied down to one place or thing.

Then there are some who dream of being able to fit into that clock frame, but aren’t even able to hear the ticking sound, when they want too so badly.

What I’m trying to say is the world isn’t always so black and white.

There is a grey area and in that grey area is color. Mostly blues, there’s a lot of heartache in that grey area.

We feel like we miss out on life’s experiences that other people get to have and cherish. We put ourselves in our own little world and try to live the best we can and forget about the things that make us different.

We go through life like a karate kid, fighting for our lives to be as normal as we can. Until one day when we were asked a certain question that shakes that wall we’ve put up and were reminded that we truly are different.

You never truly know what someone is dealing with and what triggers them.

In my opinion we don’t want to remember the pain that we try to forget.

Next time a conversation comes up about children, or meeting someone special, remember that not everyone has those special things to look forward to.

We all can live in this world, have different beautiful lives, but we have to remember to be gentle and kind sometimes with the words we choose.

We are all strong in many ways, but we also all have something that makes us weak.

Live your truth and stay on your own journey through life, your life isn’t always the same as someone else’s.

Skyler Cunningham is an intern at The Ironton Tribune.