OSHP stepping up patrol along bus routes

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Don’t be surprised if you see more Ohio State Highway Patrol cars in the morning and afternoons this week.

This is National School Bus Safety Week and troopers are making it a point to be highly visible along school bus routes and in school zones to ensure the safety of students.

Specifically, they are a visible reminder to motorists, students and school bus drivers of the important role that they each have in ensuring children’s safety.

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“School bus safety week reminds us of the importance of ensuring our students arrive safely to school and back home again each day,” said Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine. “School buses remain the safest mode of transportation for students, and with motorists, parents and students working together, we can continue to make this a safe year.”

Prior to stopping, school buses display yellow warning lights that signify the bus is about to stop. Once a bus comes to a stop, flashing lights and a stop sign are displayed. Motorists approaching a stopped school bus from either direction are required to stop at least 10 feet from the bus while the bus is receiving or discharging students. When a road is divided into four or more lanes, only traffic driving in the same direction as the bus must stop. Drivers may not resume their travels until the bus resumes traveling.

“As our students get accustomed to getting on and off the school buses, it’s important they do not get complacent and remain alert at all times,” said OSHP Colonel Richard S. Fambro. “Although drivers are required to stop for school buses loading or unloading passengers, children should not rely on motorists to do so.”

And since 2016, there have been 29 crashes in Lawrence County involving school buses.

Statewide, there have been 6,524 crashes involving school buses in Ohio in the past five years. Eight fatal crashes took place during this time killing eight people and injuring 2,097. None of those killed were occupants of a school bus.