Wishing on stars, wanting to feel free again

Published 5:55 am Wednesday, October 20, 2021

I was recently thinking about my friends and how all of our lives have changed so much.
When we were all younger, we thought we had all of our lives planned out.
It was almost as if we knew exactly who and what we were going to become. I wish we knew then what we know today, because in a way we all got what we wanted. In another way, it was nothing like what we had hoped for.
We were all having fun and being carefree, but no one warns you about the fall.
Sometimes as young adults, we get so wrapped up into the idea of the ‘70s and how free it sounds and everyone looked in that time period. I believe the ‘70s still linger around in our youth today in some way, the “live fast, die young” mentality.
You have no idea how easy life can change at that age.
I find myself looking back to those times I felt most free and how all I had to worry about was the next place we were going to cruise. I didn’t realize that we were cruising into adulthood so soon.
Now we’re all trying to figure out how to be an adult. We’re learning life lessons and trying to fulfill our childhood dreams with two dimes and a nickel.
I hope one day all of this makes sense. Lke, I wake up and go “Oh, that’s why I went through all of that.”
For my friends, I truly wish them the best in life and hope that one day we all feel free again like we did just driving in the car with the windows down.
Maybe I don’t need to keep wishing on shooting stars, but just live in the moment, live for right now.
Who knows, maybe one day I’ll live to tell my journey, and then I’ll be remembered for not just being me, but for living just a normal, unnoticed life.
Do you ever lose hope as you get older?
Or do you keep wishing on shooting stars, that one day all your dreams will come true?
Maybe that’s just another life lesson I’ll have to learn.
These things are always on my mind, it makes me question life and why we have dreams in the first place.
Why do I want to be someone that everyone will remember?
Are others like me?
Or are they okay with not being noticed?

Skyler Cunningham is a columinst for The Ironton Tribune.

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