EDITORIAL: Solution may be in sight

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 27, 2021

From unpaved roads to a need for more jobs, there are certain issues that always seem to be present when election time comes around.

And, for decades, in Lawrence County, one of those is the need for a new county jail.

Fortunately, we may finally a see much-needed resolution to that problem with a bill passed by the Ohio House.

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The legislation, introduced by Rep. Jason Stephens, R-93, would give priority to lower wealth counties and create partnerships between the state and counties for jail construction.

If this passes the Senate, it would be a major step toward what the county has long needed to alleviate overcrowding at its facility.

The issues at our county jail are something voters have been very vocal about in campaign season and are always a topic raised at candidate forums in sheriff, commission and legislative races.

It is good to see a follow-up on these concerns from someone elected from our county.

We commend Stephens for, shortly into his time in Columbus, making great strides on one of his district’s biggest needs and hope lawmakers pass his bill and send it to the governor.