Rachael Fraley: Extension, Farm Bureau teach the children importance of agriculture

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 31, 2021

OSU Extension and Lawrence County Farm Bureau partnered to bring an agricultural experience to Dawson-Bryant first graders on Oct 15.

As part of their 1st grade field day, organizations set up stations to present Agricultural awareness to students. OSU Extension, 4-H Educator shared, “The Apple Orchard Riddle” an American Farm Bureau Foundation book about apples, the different varieties and the different ways to harvest an apple.

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While students engaged in the story telling, they were on a mission to solve the riddle, “show me a little red house with no windows and no door, but with a star inside” and as many students quickly shared it’s an “APPLE.”

After learning about the many different varieties of apples and the many different purposes, students were able to taste test apple cider and receive an apple from Drew Schmidt, Lawrence County Farm Bureau president, as he shared information on apples and pumpkins.

Beyond apples and pumpkins, Collins Career Center Vet Science FFA Student and Lawrence County 4-H member Enola Cade brought a heifer from their family farm along with their Australian Shepherd.

She spent time talking with students about the care of animals, animal production and ways dogs can help with everyday management.

Organizations also spent time talking with youth on the connection between agriculture and people. Apples have many characteristics, just like people, making us unique.

We all have some things in common, but we also have other things that make us unique.

Our different characteristics should be celebrated and even though someone might not be just like us, we still need to treat them like we would want to be treated and to be kind.

Sharing agriculture with students across the county is part of the educational mission of our organizations.

OSU Extension and Lawrence County Farm Bureau would like to thank Dawson-Bryant Elementary for allowing us to be a part of their field day.

Elementary schools interested in providing an agriculture learning experience to their students may contact the OSU Extension Office at 740-533-4322 or Fraley.171@osu.edu.

Rachael Fraley is the OSU Extension Educator for Lawrence County.