U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson: Bill is an enormous giveaway

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 11, 2021

Nancy Pelosi finally forced a vote on a portion of Joe Biden’s reckless, leftist agenda.

The House voted on a bill the president refers to as his “infrastructure” legislation that unfortunately has relatively little investment in actual infrastructure that would help Eastern and Southeastern Ohio: roads, bridges, sewers and broadband.

Instead, the majority of the bill is an enormous giveaway to big cities and “green” interests at the expense of hardworking Americans, jammed through the House with no serious efforts to reach any sort of bipartisan compromise.

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Most House Democrats don’t care about what is in this so-called infrastructure bill. They only agreed to pass it so they can move on to rubber stamp what they really care about: Joe Biden’s 2,100-page massive spending bill, which aims to create “cradle-to-grave” big government dependency for every American.

It’s up to reasonable Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Senate to stop this legislation from ever becoming law.

Bill Johnson is a Republican and the U.S. representaitve for Ohio’s 6th Congressional District, which covers Lawrence County.